Conservation genetics
Genetic architecture of quantitative traits
Genetic diversity and differentiation in subdivided populations


Degree in Biology. June 1983. Universidad Complutense of Madrid. (University award 1987)
MSc in Biology. October 1985. Universidad Complutense of Madrid.
PhD in Biology. March 1990. Universidad Complutense of Madrid. (University award 1991)
Postdoctoral Research fellow (1990–1995) in the Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology (University of Edinburgh)
Associate Professor (1996–2003), Dep. Bioquímica, Genética e Inmunología, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Vigo.
Professor of Genetics (2003–), Dep. Bioquímica, Genética e Inmunología, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Vigo.


Secretary of Department (1999-2005).
Head of Department (2005–2011).


Heredity (EB: 1997–2001).
Evolution (AE: 1999–2001).
Journal of Evolutionary Biology (EB: 2004–2007).
The American Naturalist (AE: 2005–2009).
Journal of Evolutionary Biology (AE: 2007–2011).
Genetics Selection Evolution (AE: 2009–).


(For PDFs of papers before 1997 or after 2010 send an email to

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